A Modern Take on the Easter Egg

Frankly, I’m not too keen on Easter eggs. It’s ok if you are. I suppose it’s the wasting of edible eggs part. Last year, I vowed that my family and I would eat all of the hard-boiled eggs we decorated but that didn’t really happen.

This year, I searched high and low for creative ways to keep the Easter Egg hunting tradition alive. I’m definitely doing a couple of these tomorrow with the young relatives and I know it’s going to be a blast.


My absolute favorite of this bunch is this fun twist to the Easter Egg I found on aubrey + lindsay’s little HOUSE BLOG. The artist came up with the idea while walking on the beach with her son. Many beachside rocks resemble the oval shape of an egg.  Painted with acrylic paints they look so decorative and chic.  You can create a beach-themed Easter Egg hunt with a small group and come home to decorate.

Alissa from the Crafty Endeavor blew me away with her Easter Egg Garland craft. She gives you a step by step on how to create these unique Easter Eggs.  I think it’s neat how she strung it up like garland and they look wonderful in a bowl.

You don’t have to be savvy in the kitchen to make some tasty treats that feature Easter Eggs. These Easter Egg cupcakes made by THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO imperfect HOMEMAKING look absolutely scrumptious and super cute.

Love these little Easter Egg baskets featured on the Kami Buchanin Custom Design blog. It’s simple: ice cream cones, jelly beans, apple licorice and voila!

Hope you enjoyed these unique and modern takes on the Easter Egg. Have a safe and Happy Easter!


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