Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Kids’ Room

Spring is in the air and lots of us are breaking out our mops and brooms so that we can attack every corner of the house with gusto and determination. Some of us our vowing not to let our homes get this disorganized again ignoring the fact that the same promise has been made in years past. But no matter. The great news is that Spring is a time to revamp our homes, clear out the clutter and prepare for another year of great living. We know that Spring cleaning and organizing is no easy task; each room in your home carrying its own set of organizational challenges.  We thought it would be fun to provide you with some helpful tips on Spring cleaning and organizing your kids’ room. Remember to have fun and bring your kids in on the action.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing Your Kids’ Room

From Their Point of View

Remember to organize your child’s room from his or her perspective.  Some of us try to make great use of wall space by adding shelving and forget to consider that your child make not be able to reach.  If you have a determined child, a difficult-to-reach toy may provoke a dangerous climbing attempt. Lay or sit on the floor if you have a toddler and look around.  Kneel if you have a child under 3 1/2 feet.

Get Rid of It

If organizing your kids’ room appears to be never-ending, it is likely that your child has too many things.  Consider donating toys and clothing that your child no longer needs or uses.  You can also sell your used childrens’ books for cash that would serve well in a college fund.  You can become a casual book seller at Alibris. Account set up is very easy. You can also sell music and movies too.



Labels are Your Friends

Whatever you decide on storage, be sure you properly label to make life easier for yourself and your kids.  You can find some excellent labels at Office Depot. To make matters even more enticing, we have multiple Office Depot promotional codes that you can apply at checkout for up to $25 Off in savings.

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See-Through Storage

Sure, tossing a bunch of toys into boxes and calling it a day may be tempting, but you’ll soon find out that your are better off purchasing some heavy-duty plastic storage bins that you and your kids can easily see through.  You can find some at Office Depot in a variety of different sizes for knick-knack and larger toys and items.  Consider color coordinating with the theme of your child’s room or nursery.

Frame Art Work

Ok. You don’t have to get rid of everything. If your child is the next Van Gogh (in your eyes) than put that art work on display by framing them and hanging them on the walls.  It’s a lovely way to commemorate the passing of time and your child can reference his or her growing skills.  You don’t have to limit artwork to drawings and paintings either.  Frame that macaroni necklace so that you can admire it forever. Kohls carries some lovely frames. Be sure to visit us for some Kohls promotional codes and take up to 20% Off your order.

Hide the Clutter

Rather than stuffing your kids’ items into a closet or giving up entirely, consider a creative way to hide the clutter.  One way would be to add a curtain to your kids’ toy shelf that matches the overall them of the room.  You can also add bins that can slide underneath beds for a quit toy clean up. Designating a clutter corner that can be disguised by a large shelf is also a great way to keep the rest of your kids’ room looking organized.


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